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SmartCap Bed Replacement System

Bed Replacement System

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Perfect for overlanders, ranchers, or farmers, the SmartCap® Bed Replacement System is built to take heavy-duty abuse, while still delivering the ultimate in truck bed organization. From the frame up, the Flat Bed's design maximizes space with a large drawer and side bins for containing your gear. Add a set of Drop Sides for bed containment or a SmartCap XL for a whopping 74 cubic feet of water-tight, dust-free, fully enclosed storage. This is forward-thinking for the back of your rig.

smartcap bed replacement
SmartCap features icons

SmartCap is forged from strong automotive-grade stainless steel. The EVO holds up to 330 lbs when moving and a whopping 770 lbs when parked. That’s heavy duty.

*With some applications, SmartCap's load capacity may exceed that of your truck's bed. Please consult your Owner's Manual to avoid damaging your truck or voiding your warranty.


Features Include: Built from automotive-grade stainless steel, includes rear pull out underbody drawer, 2 underbody side storage compartments, cab guard and multiple tie-down points. Optional removable Drop Sides or optional SmartCap XL featuring 74 cubic feet of watertight, dust-free storage, large stainless steel side doors, universal mounting brackets, integrated roof rails.

Flat Bed


Built to take heavy-duty abuse—off-road, around the job site, ranch, or farm, the Flat Bed transforms your truck into a bed of versatility. From the frame up, Flat Bed’s design maximizes space with a drawer and side bins, to help you organize and haul your gear. But that’s just the foundation for the bed system.

$7,295 (Mid-Size) – $7,995 (Full-Size)

Bed Replacement System Flat-Bed
Bed Replacement System Drop Sides

Drop Sides


Add a set of Drop Sides to your Flat Bed, and in just seconds you can flip the sides up for a contained-bed or back down for easy access.

$1,295 (Mid-Size) – $1,495 (Full-Size)

SmartCap XL


Then, when you need a whopping 74 cubic feet of watertight, dust-free, fully enclosed storage, simply add the SmartCap XL. The giant Gullwing Doors give you enormous access to the bed of your truck – and protect your cargo in a fully encased stainless steel enclosure.

$5,995 (Mid-Size) – $6,495 (Full-Size)

Bed Replacement System SmartCap XL
Bed Replacement System Storage under truck

Designed to maximize the space around the frame and tires, the Flat Bed comes with built-in bins and heavy-duty telescopic sliders that can handle heavy loads.

One of the largest caps ever constructed for a light-duty truck, the SmartCapXL provides 74 cubic feet for a mid-size truck bed. Plus, the large side doors let you access the entire truck bed from either side.

Bed Replacement System Large Opening
Bed Replacement System Hang-It-Up

The back wall of the SmartCapXL includes universal brackets for mounting Jerry Cans, Ladders, Shovels, etc. If it can be mounted, hang it and go.

Sleekly designed into the top of the SmartCap XL, our integrated Roof Rails allow you to utilize other Components for mounting rooftop tents, bikes, kayaks, ladders—you name it. Plus, if you already own a rack system, no problem. Our rails are universally designed to mount just about anything.

smartCap roof-rails
rsi smart-tray 5 gasket

5-piece design includes an innovative sealing method, that when properly installed makes the SmartCap XL weatherproof. So when Mother Nature descends with torrential rains and wind, followed by snow and freezing temperatures—your cap will remain watertight, and your cargo dry as a bone.

The stainless steel SmartCapXL can be removed in under 15 minutes, giving you the ability to haul taller loads. Then when you're ready to put it back on—snap! It's back on in a jiffy.

smartCap positive pressure vent

The Positive Pressure Air Vent filters fresh air into the cap at a greater velocity than the enclosed bed is trying to suck it back in. This keeps road dust outside of the bed rather than all over your stuff.

SmartCap is perfectly fit to your late model Ford, GM, RAM or Toyota truck


3-year comprehensive warranty on all Bed Replacement System parts and workmanship.

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