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Two adults using the smartcap component on a red truck

SmartCap Components

The smarter way to customize your truck bed.

SmartSystem of Accessories lets you build and organize your truck bed to fit your lifestyle. Drop a Camp Kitchen into one Gullwing Door for pasta Bolognese under El Capitan. Drop a Drawer-Bin in the other side to keep your tools organized. Then when you don’t need them, pull them out until you do. For work or play, getting down to business, or heading out on Safari – wherever your destination, build your truck bed exactly how you want it.

Roof Racks


Drop Rack


The Drop Rack provides plenty of storage and ample tie-downs to secure your load. This innovative system has the ability to drop one side down—making it easier to load and unload your cargo.

Platform Rack


Our Platform Rack creates a large flat surface with infinite mounting points to secure your load. It’s an extremely versatile system that carries up to 330 lbs when in motion and 770 lbs static. Load up!


Roller Rack


The Roller Rack is a heavy-duty roof rack with ample tie-downs for securing your load. It holds 330 lbs when in motion and 770 lbs static. Quite a haul. Plus, the rollers make it easier to load and unload your cargo.

Load Bars


SmartCap Load Bars are universal roof rack bars designed for mounting tents, bikes, kayaks, ladders, and more. They’re compatible with most roof rack accessories.



Camping Kitchen

Camp Kitchen


From camping to overlanding, to tailgating, the Camp Kitchen turns your truck into a moveable feast. Complete with a fold-out camp stove, cutting board, and secure storage for the included dishes, cookware, and spices. Bon appétit!



The Full-Bin offers up to 6.3 cu.ft. of storage space and includes a MOLLE panel for mounting gear. Best of all, when you're done using it, simply pull it out until you need it again.

Full Bin side component
Half-Bin side component



Easily access cargo at the front of the bed, while turning the other half of the Gullwing opening into a highly organized storage space. Best of all, when you're done using the Half-Bin, simply pull it out until you need it again.



Get even more organized. The Drawer-Bin provides multiple drawers and storage bins, so you can safely and securely stow your gear. 

Drawer-Bin side component

Security Screen


Security Screen


When combined with the stainless steel doors, the rear window optional Security Screen mesh, adds an extra layer of protection for your SmartCap EVOc Commercial. You know, to keep out the riffraff. *Security screen shown in white for photo demonstration purposes only. The actual screen is black.

Other Gear

Torch LED Light


This handy-dandy powerful rechargeable LED Torch, magnetically mounts to your stainless steel SmartCap – to shed light right where you need it.

Torch flashlight
Stow away components

StowAway Table


The StowAway Table is an instant pop-up picnic table made of sturdy stainless steel. We’ve included a mounting bracket for storing the table, hidden away on the interior roof of your SmartCap. Smart!

Flame BBQ/Fire Pit


The Flame BBQ/Fire Pit combo stows away flat in its provided carrying case until you're ready to pull it out and fire it up..

Flame BBQ - Fire Pit component
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